About Kevin T. Robertson

Kevin T. Robertson is a consummate professional speaker and nationally recognized leadership expert. Affectionately known as “KTR”, he has earned his place as one of the most vibrant show stopping performer’s at conferences worldwide delivering concentrated based strategies that have an immediate impact.

Kevin is the author of 4 books on organization and leadership development, including The Clarity of FOCUS, FOCUS based Leadership, FOCUS based organization and FOCUS facts for the college student. He works daily researching and studying cutting edge strategies to help clients succeed.

Since 1988, Kevin has delivered over 2000 programs, worked with Fortune 500 clients and he’s helped thousands of conference attendees achieve maximum levels of FOCUS. KTR has earned a reputation where high profile celebrities and top companies trust in his leadership, experience and unmatched proven track record. Kevin T. Robertson teaches major Fortune 500 companies, across the US, North Africa, Italy, traveling internationally delivering the Power of Staying Focused on leadership excellence.

Kevin T. Robertson’s strong skill as an experienced facilitator teaches seminar participants, “HOW TO Techniques”, “Common Sense & Simplistic Approaches”, and “Practical Application Strategies” to acquire the necessary training skills to be successful in the 21st Century workplace.

In 2012, The 6X Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steeler’s hired Kevin TO DELIVER THE FIRST EVER ONSITE TRAINING OF IT’S KIND at Heinz Field celebrating the historical; “Year of the FAN”, 80th season of the franchise, and the 40th year of “The Immaculate Reception”.

Successful organizations and companies like The International Association of Venue Managers, McDonalds, Burger King, Verizon, and over 100 companies each year invest in his teachings, booking him again and again.

He is a regular contributor to the Pro View Magazine and The Business of Wisdom on CBS Radio, has written for numerous trade and association magazines and has a monthly newsletter titled, Focus Based Leadership.

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