The Franchises of Leadership

Kevin T. Robertson

January 5th, 2018

Franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model. If a leader is ever to become successful then a true leader must figure out a way to franchise all the attributes and qualities they have attained in their career and display the discipline of progressive leadership in every way. A successful leader will move forward confidently and lay a foundation that is consistent with the mass appeal of the most successful franchise in the world. Name brand franchises have an unforgettable logo, product, service, food, or something that is very memorable about that establishment, so make sure you are striving to build a strong legacy that will leave a positive impression.

To franchise a successful reign in leadership is to look at what educational clues were left behind by dominate, powerful leaders that reigned before us. If a leader is to ever have loyal followers, they must display an attitude of consistent success habits. Like a successful restaurant franchise, a leader can duplicate mentees and turn them into an even bigger successful product if the leader is willing to give back and educate while building self-esteem, and planting seeds of positive leadership.

What is on your menu for success? People in your mentorship program will be looking for not only the items on your menu of accomplishments, they will also be looking for the key ingredients that your products have in them as well. Mentees who are serious will be very aggressive in their pursuit of excellence and they will be looking for any edge to gain the competitive advantage in this complex game of leadership, so lead them well. A person who seeks success and the strategies of power will always be curious of “what’s inside the box”, and will eventually un-wrap the gift looking for the BIG reward and payoff of sacrifice.

Franchising talents of leadership can help future generations of tomorrow develop their talents in tremendous ways. A great leader with his or her heart in the right mood for transition will be the best candidate suited to give back to mentees that are progressive, hungry, ambitious, educated, and spirited.

Grooming future prospects is difficult but not impossible. In order to find qualified candidates as franchisee’s, the leader in power must establish mentorship programs to qualified participants who want the opportunity to succeed and who are coachable. The franchising of successful leadership is about duplicating a powerful easy to learn system. I strongly advise against staying away from the temptation to reinvent the wheel. The Franchises of leadership is about the completion of duplicating success habits and mastering your people skills. Lead On!