Focus on Organizational Management

Kevin T. Robertson

February 14th, 2018

If a woman is to empower herself one of the first things she should do is to get organized, Organization gives you a point of clarity, mentally, spiritually, financially, and independently. Checking yourself selfishly allows you to focus on the winner in you in a positive way. Ladies I respectfully say to you. Is your house in order? Through my international travels I have counseled thousands of women at conferences and at networking events to stay focused on organization management. Many of these women did not have their thoughts organized so it was hard for me to direct them and help them achieve success. Know how to articulate your vision to the people you want to help you. Know how to communicate your goals. We want to succeed in business; however we are not prepared enough to attain the success we say we want, because we lack organizational skills. ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT IS THE FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLE OF SUCCESS.

Here are 4 quick tips for staying FOCUS on organizational management.

Be meticulous with the way you groom your self for success. There are over 39 separate things you leave behind with your first impression. Appearance is a huge part in people’s perception of who you are as a business professional. Make sure you take great pride in who you are and maintain high levels of self-esteem.

Be able to locate resources within a matter of seconds. When you are sitting at your desk working on a project you should be able to access finger tip resources that will allow you to get your work done with a high level of efficiency.

Develop your mentality to succeed. The human brain is like a muscle that should be pumped up everyday with new knowledge. Mind expansion is a critical part of you being organized mentally and having clarity to see your goals. Organized thoughts equal powerful results.

Is your house in order? I guarantee you if your personal organization is out of whack it will eventually spill over into your professional life as well. I see to many professionals who do not know how to create balance because they just don’t take and make the time to organize their living space. There are too many options for you to organize your home. The key is once you get it organized you have to keep it that way. It takes longer to create a process and system of organization than it does to maintain it. When are you going to stop procrastinating and work on those projects in the office or around your house? When will you start getting organized and free yourself from the clutter in your life? Manage your self, life, and business activities. Do it NOW and stay focused on your goals and dreams... I believe in you all!

A poem just for the women of NOW!

Organization is the foundational principle of success

The organized mind is your most prized asset

Take the time to pursue knowledge everyday

And it shall enrich your life in everyway

Peak your performance and practice well

You are queen of the universe your integrity is not for sell

Let the true essence of your soul dance with elegance and grace

Precious be the ways of a woman destined for a peaceful place

So build the bridges to carry you through

Be not afraid to unleash the undeniable organized woman in you