Focus on Leadership and Peak Performance

Kevin T. Robertson

March 10th, 2018

To peak your performance with consistency is an art and skill that must be mastered and practiced every day to reach the full capacity of leadership. To get to the top, to reach the pinnacle, to be number one, and to be the very best at what you do takes effort, drive, determination, and a level of self-discipline and emotional control that a true leader strives to be every day. I have a mantra that I have lived by for years that says “we practice like we perform”.

Many leaders get stricken with the disease called procrastination because they fail to practice on the details of their craft. What is life without practice? How can you reach the top of the mountain without developing your skills? The answer lies within your ability to progressively pursue your goals and dreams. To optimize your performance and professional skills you must consistently build this into masses of an educational database and make it the most diverse set of tools you have to teach you how to execute previous successes you have had. Success truly leaves clues and so does the trail left behind by successful peak performance.

Leaders that have struggled with past performance issues know that in the back of their minds there is something they have not done right. First things first! Let's look at what it takes to get ourselves to the point of recognizing how to fix performance deficiencies. Maximum effort equals maximum output! Maximum output equals maximum results. Do not expect maximum results if you have not been willing to commit to practicing with your maximum effort in your chosen profession.

There are too many leaders that I have encountered in my past that talk a very good game and have not been willing to sacrifice, show the dedication that it takes to build the intestinal fortitude, and attack their goals with force while getting the results they looking for. Under achievers complain because their desired outcome is not what they want it to be. I know I used to be one of those people who did not understand how to optimize their talent and use their energy in a constructive fashion. The landscape of business only rewards those who can deal with the adversities of success. Success is 80% struggle and 20% rewards. When 80% becomes difficult to comprehend, you are going to go through negative opposition in your pursuit of a higher leadership plateau.

Successful peak performance will result in that 20% reward of success, which is where you are going to find the feeling of a champion like no other. You will become very relaxed, things will be done with a greatness of ease, you will walk around in a business state of euphoria, you will be in the can do no wrong “zone”. Once you enter into this place of consistency your mental memory will go back to previous successes you have experienced, and you will tap into your goals progressive emotions and dominate overcoming your ongoing hurdles to reach the “Mount Everest” of the peak performance zone.

There is no peak performance without consistency. The hardest thing to do in athletics and business is to perform successfully on a consistent basis. Every time before I take the stage as professional speaker I go through mental exercises effortlessly. I have performed thousands and thousands of times, so this peak performance state I am trying to enter into is a place where I already feel comfortable. Repetition is the master teacher of success! I am calm, relaxed, I feel very much at home on stage just because I have practiced, practiced, practiced, practiced.   I have learned to reach a level of preparedness that most can only imagine. I cannot stress enough how important it is to build your peak performance skills with the foundation call “the consistency of excellence”.

Do yourself a favor and build your skills, access tips, gain resources, educate yourself with an over abundance of knowledge to stay in the leadership and peak performance zone. In volume 8 of focus on leadership and peak performance I will touch on the topic on leadership in the 21st century. Until next time stay focused on your goals and your dreams.