I help people start and grow successful speaker businesses

My life’s work is dedicated to teaching hard working people who want to break free from 9-5 purgatory, “how to” jumpstart their dreams of building a successful speaking empire.   

My FOCUSED BASED LEARNING SOLUTIONS contain the most powerful success habits and simplistic approaches as well as paradigm shifting philosophies that unlock the gateway to achieving world class platform skills and generating public speaking profits.  

Many quick buck artist and internet peddlers boast about material wealth and prey on gullible followers. My website is dedicated to students who have been misled, misinformed and under educated about the business of professional speaking. I serve the needs of our students making their success and empowerment my #1 priority.   

I encourage you to, “respond to the calling.” Some stage is waiting for you and someone is waiting to hear your life changing story!  

I believe you’ve landed at the right place to spark your imagination. The time is NOW to organize your goals and magnify success in your professional speaking vision.  

Welcome to the most authentic movement of speaking success you have ever experienced.